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We are institutional traders who bring solutions to retail traders since 2011. Begining our trading journey to becoming institutional traders we started trading demo just like You.

At that, we have realized that many traders in South Africa trade demo accounts, how about you get paid to do that while learning to trade, maybe in the future you can join our proprietary trading firm and learn the true art of Institutional trading? Hack Yeah, we pay you a percentage of your Demo profits!

Funddaytraders launched focusing on funding South African retail traders locally, but the reach has expanded to outside South Africa due to demand.

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Our talented technology team keeps it simple by linking your demo account to our actual real firm’s account using real-time algorithms, that means when you execute from the demo, you automatically execute on our real account, therefore the profits you make in the demo account will be converted into a withdrawable percentage profit from the linked account.

Similarly, we will be responsible for the losses you take on the linked account to our proprietary accounts.

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We issue payouts to our members every two weeks.

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Our main objective at Funddaytraders since we started in 2012 was to become the top prop trading firm by recruiting top-performing traders from the funded trading account stages in the next coming years of our product development cycle. We have thus far managed to train, license, and fund top traders with real trading accounts, and we are looking to securing more into the program.


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These Are common questions other traders asked

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MT4 is the only platform available at this time.  However, we will be adding more platforms later this year.

Yes, you have full control over the funded account and can trade any style that suites you,

Yes, you are allowed to hold trades overnight or over the weekend. You can hold trades longer as much as you want.

There are no restricting as to which trading instrument to trade. 

You account will only be reset if you violate the rules. Part of rules includes that you should not reset the balance or add additional funds. 

Trade well and get paid. Never worry about the losses as they are simulated on demo. Only adhere to the rules and guidelines but as a member you are not responsible for any losses experienced on the account. 

You can choose any Leverage up to 1:200 on simulated Accounts and we offer up to 1:100 on managed Accounts.

We do not limit your earnings, the more you trade, the more you can make!

Your account will automatically be cut from our proprietary circuit, and your trades will not be placed on our side. You will then have to contact us for a reset to continue trading. The reset has a fee of less than the subscription will be charged.

Yes you can have more than one trading account, contact support for adding a new additional account.

A least in a week have four days with new trades taken.


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Risk management is the name of this game, learn it, breathe it, and live it.

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Avoid opening high-risk trades at the very open of the market. If so, think risk management.

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The Funded Trading Programs Are Simply Revolutionary.

The best thing one could ever do is to join reliable funding program.

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