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Meet Natalia and find out how she made it to our proprietary trading floor.
funddaytraders trader review

What Brought You To Funddaytraders?

I started trading forex as a side hustle before leaving my old job as an administrator for a hospital, The interest and curiosity began after I saw my coworker make some money trading. As an administrator, I traded small accounts because I could not risk a lot of my salary as capital for my trading account besides I was a beginner then and still figuring out my way into trading. Then my previous coworker happened to be introduced to a similar program like Funddaytraders and told me about it. I took it upon myself to do further research then I came across a better-priced program which was the funded trading account your trading firm provided. I knew I was gonna join them because I could not afford to risk my own capital.

How Has It Been After You Joined?

I learned so much trading a much bigger account from the ones I had after joining them. The support they provided me really transformed my trading. I went past the funded account stages and was provided with the training. After the training program, I was able to leave my old job, I’m now about to have my license as an official registered securities trader in the firm. I have gone from wanting to fund a trading account to finding a home where I keep transforming my learning every day.

What Is Your Trading Strategy?

I have a long way with strategies when I was still at my old job, I did a couple of online courses and added a lot of other tools to my arsenal when I joined the funded trading program. My trading strategy combines both technical and fundamental analysis. I look for setups that present me with great risk to reward ratios and then analyze the general market sentiment around that opportunity.

If You Had To Go Back In Time & Do It Again, What Would You Do Different Or Changed?

I would start thinking about trading as a long-term investment to remove the pressure on my learning. Try by all means to remove the noise around going from strategy to strategy hoping to find a holy grail. Read more trading books to build my trading psychology and importantly use retail proprietary programs for funding like your funding program.

What Do You Understand About Risk Management?

We always hear the most commonly used phrase that, do not trade the money you are not ready to lose. And that is actually true due to the fact that you need to always understand the market you are trading, and the risk involved. The exposed capital trading is what you can control, give it your best, do not let the market blind you with the frequent opportunities it gives you.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Traders?

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