The Funded Trading Programs Are Simply Revolutionary.
Funddaytraders gave me intensive support to make sure I succeeded, they have made a tremendous difference in my trading
funddaytraders trader review

How Did You Get To Know Funddaytraders?

I discovered the program randomly on a social group page and was intrigued by what I read on the trading blog. I joined for free and got to see the products. I was impressed with what I saw. There was a guy named Harry, who was also part of the community showed me his portfolio and told me how he benefited from the program. I decided to try it out and now that I am part of the program, I am happy that I joined.

How Much Were You Funded With?

First time when I started out, I tried the R30 000 but I violated draw-down rules. But I did not give up and I got funded with the R50 000 trading account.

How Much Did You Make In The First Payout?

I am not sure of the exact numbers, but I know my trading account has grown by at least 2.5x times in the first trading month because my trading style was not limited as I did not break any trading rules. I would say around R125 000 of the trading account balance was profited. So give or take R37 000 was paid on the first payout date, and about R85 000 was paid in the second payout period.

What Is Your Trading Style Or Strategy?

I have been trading for a few years now and I have tried many different trading strategies. Coming from a mathematical background, I found the many trading styles very difficult but I had to extend my knowledge by doing some research about using trading indicators which mainly focused on price divergence and I coupled that with fundamental analysis to make decisions on placing trades. I have seen many trading schools teaching this strategy, but I had to improve some of its approaches which helped me grow my trading account over time.

When Did You Start Trading, Were You Profitable With Your Own Money?

I’ve been trading on the side of my day job for a year and I wasn’t generating enough profit and could not see any impact on my trading career. The program changed that with minimal capital of my own at risk.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Traders?

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