Think Risk Management At The Open Of The Market
A 7 figure funded trader shares about what risk management can play in your trading progress.
funddaytraders trader review

How Did You Find Out About Funddaytraders, And What Was Your Experience?

I found out about Funddaytraders from a friend who has been trading stocks for a long time and happened to be my co-worker. I was just starting out with forex trading, was not a big fan of trading stocks. My experience so far has been great since I learned from the training program the trading strategies that I never knew existed! I am not sure if I should call it luck or hard work to be part of the real funded traders, but is an amazing continuous experience any trader would die for.

How Did You Learn To Trade?

When I first started out, I learned to trade by myself through trial and error. But I was fortunate enough to be part of the student of the training you have provided. Anyway, I have also merged the knowledge from the book called “How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market”. I cannot forget to also mention the amazing dedication of various trading mentors that have contributed. That is why I always recommend the power of social trading. Yes, I read a lot of trading books, but through a structured education program, I think that is what has contributed the most to my trading knowledge at most.

What Do You Like To Trade Often?

I trade the currency pairs at the most because of the risk I can take on my account, instead of trading the commodities which can later cause a huge risk or drawdown on my funded trading account. I have realized that the spread is key, hence I like to trade forex or currency pairs at the most.

Again On That, What Is Your Favorite Trading Session?

Since I mostly trade the currency market daily, I look at what is hot on the market, some call it market volatility, so I use the fundamental analysis to gauge the noise and spreads in the market. But on average, I take most of my positions in the London trading session.

How Do You Manage Risk?

Trading risk is always a topic on the minds of any type of trader. For me volatility is key, and I prioritize trading currencies, I do not trade Indices because of their risk. Also, I try to keep the stops as tight as possible.

What Advice Do You Have For Other Traders?

I love Funddaytraders